Hi all!

As mentioned on my homepage, this website is basically the hub for all things KH Books (aka, me). A note on how my blog posts work: currently, I have them hosted on a different platform, and it’s a bit of a hassle to try and pull the posts directly into my website. Because of that, I have a link to them under the Fairytales and Such tab, and you can subscribe to them separately there. I’m hoping to get a direct subscription form implemented soon — keep an eye out for that!

Author’s note: You can find the place to subscribe to my actual blog in the footer of my website

You’ll notice that there’s also an option to subscribe to posts on my website. If you’re interested, please do! I likely won’t post much on the actual website (see above for why), but I plan to do something kinda cool with it in the future, so that’ll be the best way to stay informed.

That’s all for now!

Your fairytale enthusiast,

Kirsten Hardin

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