Disney’s Gargoyles: A Breakdown of the Main Characters

A summary of the main characters in Disney's Gargoyles, a TV show following a group of gargoyles from Scotland who are awoken in 90's-era Manhattan

As always, a spoiler warning is in effect from here on out.

Lexington — smart guy (tech stuff)
  • The smallest of the gargoyle clan, he’s bald and has wings that attach directly to his arms. He’s definitely the one with the most street smarts. He discovers the communicators they use, and often comes up with ways to use the new technology around them. While he does fade to the background, he does have a fantastic relationship with Alex Xanatos, the child of his former enemy
Brooklyn — heart (sort of)/lancer
  • Brooklyn is the gargoyle with a shock of white hair and a mouth that looks like a beak. He makes wisecracks, and has a habit of being pretty sarcastic, especially in situations where something goes wrong. Halfway through the series, he becomes Goliath’s second-in-command. This really comes into focus when Avalon sends Elisa, Bronx, Goliath, and Angela on a quest around the world. Though he’s searching for love, he never finds it. Maggie ends up with another gargoyle, and Angela ends up with Broadway. But at the end of the series, he devises the plan to save the train (fitting, as Goliath’s second-in-command). We also see that he hopes to eventually find love
Broadway — big guy
  • Broadway is the big blue gargoyle with a consistent potbelly (fitting, since he loves food). We don’t know much about him until the episode when he accidentally shoots Elisa. From then on, he always destroys the enemy’s guns, which the rest of the gargoyles end up doing as well. While he’s soft-spoken and perhaps not the smartest, he has a kind spirit, though he will fight when necessary. It’s fitting that he ends up with Angela — she’s probably the only gargoyle who could truly appreciate him for who he is. (Even if their romance seems a little forced at times)
Hudson — smart guy (wisdom)/sixth ranger
  • Hudson is the old warrior with a sword and one blind eye. He’s the former leader, and it shows. He still acts as an advisor to Goliath, even when he (sometimes) doesn’t want that advice. He also serves as a mentor to the rest of the crew, and to those outside. (Specifically during “The Cauldron of Life” episode when he cautions Xanatos about seeking immortality.) However, one of his biggest flaws is that he hates asking for help. We see hints of this when he has to protect Goliath during the first season. But it really comes into focus during Season 3. The gargoyles are on the run, and Hudson has early-onset glaucoma in his eye. It takes his old blind friend, Jeffrey, straight-up telling him that he needs help to force him to get surgery. By the end of that episode, while he’ll always be proud, he recognizes that he should tell his clan when something like that is going on
Goliath — leader
  • Goliath is the biggest blue gargoyle with the long black hair, who’s decidedly the main character of the series. He and his clan are ancient, and he distrusts humans thanks to them betraying him and destroying most of his clan. However, soon after the gargoyles wake up, he meets Elisa Maza and they being an instant friendship. At the same time, he begins a long feud with David Xanatos. One of his biggest turning points is during Season 1, when he realizes that he and his clan must protect New York. It’s their new protectorate, as Scotland was long ago. This begins a running theme throughout the rest of the show — gargoyles protect, and they always will
  • As time goes on, he and Elisa’s relationship strengthens, becoming one of the best in the show. Throughout the second season, he’s in charge of the quest crew (him, Elisa, Bronx, and his daughter Angela). The biggest change comes when he finds out that other gargoyles are still alive, from England to Guatemala. Also, he and Elisa realize that they love each other
  • While the third season is a bit different, Goliath’s biggest turning point comes during the alternate reality episode. He and Elisa are married, and the gargoyles are still outcasts. He realizes just how much he’s influenced the show’s events, and that renews his hope that the gargoyles will finally be accepted. And, that’s exactly what happens at the end of the season. Now, they can resume protecting New York, but this time without any fear of reprisal
  • The main antagonist of the series (at least for a while), Xanatos is probably one of its most interesting characters. Throughout Season 1 and most of Season 2, he’s a direct antagonist to the gargoyles. Notably, he tricks them into stealing information for his own use, sparking a long-standing feud. His first change comes after taking Fox,as his fiancée, and accidentally transforming her into a werewolf. Goliath begrudgingly agrees to help, and at the end of the episode they reach a sort of rapport. Goliath now knows he’s capable of love, something that a truly evil person wouldn’t be able to feel
  • Throughout Season 2, he continues to fight against the gargoyles, most notably in a quest to gain immortality (first with the Cauldron of Life and then with the trickster Coyote). But his biggest change comes after his son is born. Oberon and Titania attempt to take him away, and Goliath and his clan risk their lives to help protect the baby. In fact, Alex brings everyone together, as even his estranged father-in-law helps protect him from Oberon. In the end, they agree that the baby will stay in the human world. But the biggest development is that Xanatos ends their feud, all because of his son — he can see how much the gargoyles are truly an asset to him, and how much he can gain from them becoming friends. But more than that, he’s been transformed by love. This is only sealed by the final episode, when he rescues the gargoyles from being crushed by the Quarrymen, using his incredible intellect to help instead of hinder them
  • A blond-haired woman with a patch on one eye, Fox is her actual, legal name. She enters the show as leader of the Pack, and is David Xanatos’ love — a big change, as we didn’t know he was capable before. She marries Xanatos on account of their compatibility, and runs her own schemes in the background to further her own ends, sometimes even against her husband. Like Xanatos, she doesn’t truly change until Alex enters the picture. Though she does want to exchange one of them for her son after he’s kidnapped, she changes when Lexington voluntarily gets captured so Alex can come back. We don’t see her in the final episodes, but I imagine she’s busy taking care of her baby (and probably helping her husband in the background)
Elisa (actual heart)
  • Detective Elisa Maza is a woman with blue hair who always wears a red jacket over a black shirt with upturned jeans and black boots. She’s introduced in the first episode, and forms an instant connection with Goliath. She’s mostly a static character throughout the series — her biggest flaw is that she likes to work alone, though she’s good at working with others when necessary (like when Matt Bluestone becomes her partner). The biggest development in her character is, again, in her relationship with Goliath. As they get to know one another, she’s often the one who’ll give him advice (even if he sometimes doesn’t listen). By the end of Season 2, we learn that she truly loves Goliath, and the two even begin dating during Season 3. She continues to help the gargoyles, actively trying to keep them out of danger and helping the others find them when one goes missing. While she does have her own family, she becomes part of Goliath’s clan. And, following their acceptance in the final episode, she might even marry Goliath at some point. It’d certainly be the first of its kind since a thousand years earlier
  • Angela is essentially a smaller version of Goliath, with his black hair and blue skin, although physically she resembles her mother, Demona. She was raised on Avalon by Princess Katharine and Tom, after they rescued her and her sibling’s eggs from Castle Wyvern. Though she isn’t introduced until the second season, she quickly becomes a key part of the clan. In essence, she brings some human ideals to Goliath — specifically, recognizing that she’s his daughter — and helps him realize that maybe they have things to learn from humans as well. During Season 3, she starts a relationship with Broadway, the most kindhearted of the other gargoyles in her clan. She also learns that her mother, Demona, will never change, no matter how hard she tries. But she still stays good friends with the others, and plays a part in facilitating their acceptance by humans in the final episode of the series
Bronx — sixth ranger/guy who saves the day
  • Bronx is the gargoyle version of a dog, who’s the beloved companion of everyone in the clan. He’s often found with Hudson, whether staying back and protecting their home, or watching TV with him. He doesn’t really have his own adventure until the third season, where he finds an Amish boy after turning to stone on a train. That adventure proves important, as it helps demonstrate to Goliath (and the others, of course) that humans are capable of accepting them, at a time when they really needed it. More importantly, he’s often the linchpin during battles, tackling opponents when all hope seems lost. He’s also, frankly, absolutely adorable

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